WE ARE OPEN AND READY TO ASSIST YOU ON ANY ENQUIRY - Are you looking for Components for industry applications? Electronic Components, Military Components, hard to find, long lead-time, Obsolete Components for: Aerospace, Commercial, Militray, industries - Including: Lead Free, NATO STOCK NUMBERS, Parts on allocation or difficult to find Components? Then you have probably just found the answer to your problem! - A customer focussed ISO 9001 Approved supplier - Let us assist you - Also visit www.ochg.co.uk What frustrates you about suppliers? Send us feedback See our Militray site www.MilitaryComponents.co.uk or our Obsolete site www.ObsoleteComponents.co.uk - We are the UK's premier Distributor of Military Components, hard to find, long lead-time,parts on allocation, Obsolete Components, Aerospace, Commercial, Militray, Lead Free, NATO STOCK NUMBERS or difficult to find Components, we're a customer focussed ISO 9001 Approved supplier, let us assist you. - Also visit www.ochg.co.uk

If your core competence is procurement take advantage of our low risk solution.

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Oracle is a Electronic Component Distributor 
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ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company our breath covers the world 

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Complementing you're franchised distribution route, our INDEPENDENCE allows us to supply: SEMICONDUCTORS, PASSIVES AND ELECTROMECHANICAL COMPONENTS from virtually all manufacturers around the world. 

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Supplying every type of component from the weird to the ordinary, from every manufacturer with access to million's of parts, we are probably the best site you've found. 
Our fast and friendly efforts provide buyers with the confidence to know we are working for them. We can help with anything component wise, all we need is the Part Number, Nato stock number. What's more we will supply many parts with a C of C.  



  1. Too provide a reliable supply of Components at competitive prices
  2. Offer unparalleled level of quality and service
  3. To support our customers success
  4. Provide solid feedback
  5. Second to none customer service
  6. To service OEMs, CEMs, Government agencies, and Distributor


Oracle Component's Staff are experts

  1. We treat the customer as King (or Queens!)
  2. We go the extra mile
  3. We work above and beyond expectations

Become a regular customer and let us do the work for you: You can rest assured that you will receive a superb service. Our staff is dedicated to treating you with the utmost respect. You are the customer; we provide the electronic components you require.


We offer all our customers an "individually tailored for you service"

  1. We will listen to our customers
  2. We'll solve you're purchasing headaches
  3. We won't waste you're time with regular sites visits, "Meetings for the sake of meetings"
  4. We do not buy from Far east or any un-trusted Non ISO suppliers.


  1. Oracle Components has people in Europe, USA, Turkey and the Middle East
  2. When we cannot find it - It generally does not exist
  3. We're THE military component specialist 
  4. We supply every market sectors, we delivery world wide www.ochg.co.uk
  5. We offer a guarantee on all products. If components are not perfect quality, i.e. not working to manufactures specifications, we will issue a RMA. Parts however MUST be returned within the 30 day period. with a full test report.
  6. We're BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Certified, Certificate No: FS 584960.

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Are committed to satisfying you're needs, with the highest standards of:

  1. Friendly customer service
  2. Target pricing
  3. On time deliveries


We support many companies both in the UK and overseas because we have access to, past procurement histories, with some of the worlds most widely known companies and government agencies  We supply all condition codes from N.E [New Equipment] right through to O.H [Overhaul Condition]

Our procurement histories are those that are approved by the world's prime manufacturers including:, Boeing, General Electric, Northrop, Pratt & Whitney, McDonnell Douglas  and major Rotor Wing manufactures.

The quality of all material supplied is supported by certificate of compliance and conformity certifying all component testing, any outside manufacturing, processing, [where applicable] and has been carefully examined, inspected and is ready for despatch by our Quality Control Department. All Original certifications are kept for 7 years and are available upon request.


Oracle is part of www.ochg.co.uk and on a weekly basis look at requests for tender and we can assure you of our prompt handling and quick responses to all of your requirements.

How we source equipment and save our clients time:

The strength of Oracle Components Ltd is derived from its ability to supply the highest quality components at the most competitive price to its varied range of clientele. We have built a large supplier data base, which identifies   all sourcing and the most qualified supplier for the specific product or service that you need. If you are from a company or organization outside the UK, our International sales specialists will help you find what you need and ship it to you.

Our service and guarantee makes us 100% risk-free.

Oracle Components Ltd offers all products 100% risk free our 30 day guarantee on all equipment and parts will add the assurance that our products are 100% certified to the highest-quality defect-free available - At the most competitive prices available. We strive to meet or beat the service offered by our competitors. Assuring you of the most cost effect approach.

Oracle Components- "Where hard work and integrity delivers" 

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